Since 2008, I CAME TO PLAY creates a sustainable network of stakeholders committed to the mission of our program. Over 3500 alumni from the region, and their disseminative networks of basketball clubs, universities, civic society organizations, sports federations, governmental bodies, embassies and media representatives closely cooperated over the cultural, ethnic and national divides creating the progressive synergy responsible for successful implementation of such a valuable conflict resolution program.

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WNBA, NCAA, ABA and Euroleague

I CAME TO PLAY is synonymous for athletic and academic excellence, with our graduates leading the charge as WNBA and NBA draftees. Currently, our graduates are members of prestigious basketball programs such as Duke and other NCAA div. 1 universities. Euroleague and youth national teams in the region are stacked and affected with our talent, working hard and committed towards becoming basketball professionals.

We take great pride in our academic graduates who are now PhD students, doctors, lawyers, engineers, civic activists, artists, etc. Our alumni coaches and lecturers span the whole world. From China to the US some teach basketball, some lecture at World’s most renown universities, but we ALL see each other every year at I CAME TO PLAY, where we continue to grow, working together towards a common goal, in line with values and mission of our program.

If you’re reading this, there is a reason for it, we want you in our corner!

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