Founded in 2019

The Board of Directors for now consists of:

  • Mihajlo Delić
  • Dragan Čeranić
  • Branko Cvetković
  • Goran Ikonić
  • Jovo Stanojević

In expanded composition:

  • Sava Rajković
  • Dušan Domović Bulut
  • and whoever sits with us in Borsalino, office, etc.

A club where boys and girls who are also academic citizens of Novi Sad (active students at universities in Novi Sad) play.

A club that promotes education, quality work and competition wherever it appears, with a plan to place the club in the first B league by 2022, the second highest ranked competition in Serbia, with the ultimate goal of ABA 2 with the support of our implementing partners.


A club that promotes multiculturalism and multiethnicity, and that would function on the long-standing principles of our organization.

A club that provides free access to academic and sports scholarships to its players at universities in Novi Sad, Serbia and abroad.

A club that serves the pride of everyone involved in its work, the City of Novi Sad, the Basketball Federation and the American Embassy, ​​which at every game represents the principles of its work and promotes access to sport as a right rather than a privilege.

A club that will play AAU tournaments in America every year under the name of Novi Sad, thus attracting scouts from the world’s largest universities in the NS and our region.

Participatory endorsements from globally acclaimed sports industry professionals, academics and organizations, is projected to direct public attention and raise awareness, while creating the atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and consequently extensive media coverage intended for I CAME TO PLAY stakeholders network.