Sport for social development

Sports education program

Program sets goals of inspiring and influencing youth, forming future opinion leaders in the region, with the culture of peace, tolerance, open-mindedness and developing a large alumni network who will act as agents of progress and bridges of tolerance in their communities.


    aspires in encouraging long lasting friendships between the youths in the region through active participation in a program developed of sporting, educational and progressive social activities.

    exercises every opportunity to emphasize and celebrate multiculturalism among its campers and uses diversity to promote tolerance, compassion and respect.


I CAME TO PLAY stakeholders, whether individuals, civic society, governmental or corporate, actively participate in the program. Thus, giving rise to EDUCATION AND SPORT FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT THINK TANK. Generating energy and out-of-the-box synergy they support and provide tools for the program and its alumni to emerge as leaders in social change in their respective networks and communities. With our continuous support, they are able to identify specific situations in their communities and propose sustainable solutions that deal with the issues of social development, sport and youth education.

Region of former Yugoslavia endured ongoing violent ethnic conflicts with deep geo-political and historical roots. Unfortunately, young people have experienced the conflicts first hand in the most horrific ways imaginable and even the ones removed from armed conflicts have experienced it through ethnic hatred through politically sponsored media, rapid decline in the economy, devaluation of human rights, educational and cultural decay, emergence of state sponsored nationalism, and overwhelming corruption.

In divided societies young people are faced with prejudice and animosities, compelling questions and very few answers. Confronted with decades of political intolerance, young people are the most vulnerable group targeted by such influences and scars of ethnic and religious divides are still very much visible every day. Unfortunately they’re encouraged not to apply values such as tolerance, respect and empathy when referring to devalued groups, the so called “other side” of the ethnic and religious divide.

Participatory endorsements from globally acclaimed sports industry professionals, academics and organizations, is projected to direct public attention and raise awareness, while creating the atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and consequently extensive media coverage intended for I CAME TO PLAY stakeholders network.